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VRC Pro – RC car simulator

RC car racing simulator. on-road/off-orad tracks, nitro/electric cars.
VRC Pro web site > http://vrcpro.com

you can start with free trial 1 month.
if you like it, welcome to lite member(only $9.95Euru/year) or full member.
while you register for trial for member, please enter my e-mail smith@9turbo.com in who’s invite box.
you will get credit $10vEuru when you subscription to lite or full member.

VRC Pro can use with 9TURBO RCUSB-RX3 adaptor
this adaptor let you use your RC transmitter to control the car in VRC pro game.
it support for normal and high response mode, all support for AM/FM/FM-PCM/FM-HRS/2.4G