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RC Gasoline engine RPM measure

9TURBO MT4-Sensor – Magnetic field RPM & Temperature sensor for Sanwa MT4 – RC gassoline engine demo
Sanwa MT4 or M12 telemetry system when use with 9TURBO MT4-Sensor. you can use the magnetic field sensor for measure RPM of RC gasoline engine. HOW TO … please see above video …

the key is … fan of engine have 2 magnet pieces N and S pole in rotation.
it seem as rotor of brushless motor that have N and S magnet pole in rotation.
So magnetic field sensor can detect and send out true measure value to telemetry system.

the uses of 2 magnet pieces at rim of engine’s fan for work of engine.
these 2 magnet pieces are use for ignition magneto.
Ignition magneto will produce impulses of high voltage for spark plugs.

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